Everything you need to know about gerbils!

How long can I live?

I have a lifespan of one to three years if you take good care of me every day!

What size am I?

I am about 10 centimetres long. My tail is also the same length. In total, that makes me 20 centimetres long!

What colour am I?

I am mostly brownish-gray. I can also be white, black or albino.

What's my personality like??

I am curious, social and smart! I am also happiest when I live with a gerbil friend. Make sure that we meet each other when we are young—that way we will get along. Please don't keep males and females together or they will have babies!

Never pick up a gerbil by its tail! Gently lift using both hands.

What do gerbils need to be healthy and happy?

I like a quiet house away from direct heat and sunlight. A ten-gallon aquarium with a safe, chew-proof, open-air cover is perfect. I also love to dig so make sure my cage has two to three inches of bedding. No sawdust or cedar chips please!
I need a steady supply of fresh water in a sipper bottle.
I like a good quality gerbil food. Pellet or seed mixes are fine. You can give me treats sometimes - puffed wheat, dried kidney beans, apples, broccoli and carrots rock!
An exercise wheel helps me to stay in tip-top shape.
I like to chew on stuff like cardboard and old toilet paper rolls.
It may take me two weeks to feel comfortable being held. To pick me up, coax me into a corner and gently lift me with both hands. Never pick me up by the tail! Make sure that I don't jump away, too.
I know it sounds strange, but I like to roll in dust to stay clean! Fill a large ceramic bowl with chinchilla dust. Put it in my cage. This should be changed two to three times a week.
It's a good idea to find a veterinarian who knows about gerbils. Take me to the animal doctor if I'm not eating or drinking, or have diarrhea.