Everything you need to know about guinea pigs!

How long can I live?

I have a lifespan of four to eight years if you take good care of me every day!

What size am I?

I have short legs, a plump body and weigh about one kilogram. There are short-haired and long-haired guinea pigs.

What colour am I?

I come in different colours. I can be brown spotted  and black banded to golden and all-white. I can even be hairless! A hairless guinea pig is called a skinny pig, and can be a great option for people with fur allergies.

What's my personality like??

I am curious, friendly and talkative. I also like to live with one of my kind. Please don't keep males and females together or they will have babies!

Guinea pigs need their toenails trimmed from time to time - just like you!

What do guinea pigs need to be healthy and happy?

I like a large cage with a solid bottom. Wire floors and ramps hurt my feet! Cover the bottom with pine shavings. No sawdust or cedar please! Keep my cage out of drafts and direct sunlight. I also like a small house to snuggle in. And keep my home clean!
I need a steady supply of fresh water in a sipper bottle.
I like guinea pig pellets and timothy hay. I also need a cupful of mixed fresh vegetables and fruit every day. Parsley, romaine lettuce, bell peppers and dandelions are great—they have vitamin C which I need!
I need regular exercise, but no exercise wheels or balls for me! It's best to take me out of my cage. Put me in safe room. Remove electrical cords and dangerous items, and make sure to block gaps under furniture and appliances.
Please brush me gently to keep my coat looking good. I also need my toenails trimmed.
I'm not crazy about being picked up, but I love being petted once I’m on your lap. Please don't hold me too tightly or let me fall or jump.
Please bring me to the animal doctor if I am showing these signs: not eating or drinking; tired; sneezing; wheezing; crusty eyes; fluffed up fur; diarrhea; blood in urine; loss of balance; tilted head; scratching too much; hair loss.