Everything you need to know about hamsters!

How long can I live?

I have a lifespan of two years if you take good care of me every day!

What size am I?

I am about 15 centimetres long.

What colour am I?

I am mostly golden. I can also have patches, bands or blotches of white, yellow, orange or gray.

What's my personality like??

I am friendly and playful. I like people, but I can't stand other hamsters! And don't mess with my sleep! I'm nocturnal. That means I'm awake at night and sleep during the day.

hamsters like to explore in a plastic ball – but make sure they don’t fall down the stairs!

What do hamsters need to be healthy and happy?

I like a quiet house in a dimly lit room away from drafts and direct sunlight. My wire or plastic cage or aquarium should be large with a solid, deep bottom. Line my cage with aspen shavings, recycled paper or corncob bedding. No cedar shavings please!
I need a steady supply of fresh water in a sipper bottle.
I like hamster pellets and mixes. I also need variety. Please give me alfalfa pellets, spinach, lettuce, apples and cauliflower. A bit of hay is also good plus a salt lick for minerals!
An exercise wheel helps me to stay in
tip-top shape.
I like to chew on stuff like cardboard and old toilet paper rolls. Dog biscuits or twigs from a pesticide-free beech, maple or fruit tree help keep my teeth worn down!
It may take me some time to feel comfortable being held. To pick me up, gently scoop me into the palm of your hand. Put your other hand over my back to keep me from jumping.
It's a good idea to find a veterinarian who knows about hamsters. Take me to the animal doctor if I'm not eating or drinking, have diarrhea, am grumpy or biting, or am having trouble walking.