Everything you need to know about rabbits !

How long can I live?

I have a lifespan of 10 years if you take good care of me every day!

What size am I?

Rabbits come in different sizes depending whether they are small breeds (one to three kilograms), medium breeds (three to four kilograms), large breeds (four to five kilograms) or giant breeds (over 5 kilograms).

What colour am I?

There are over 60 types of domestic rabbits in a variety of colours.

What's my personality like??

I am smart and social. I also like to chew on stuff so keep me away from books, wooden furniture and electrical cords! I am easily scared, too.

Rabbits like to chew on books and electrical cords, so be sure to keep them away!

What do rabbits need to be healthy and happy?

I should live indoors in a large cage which is four times my size! The bottom should be solid and lined with straw. It needs to be well ventilated so I don't have heat stroke. I need a litter box and a hiding box is good, too. And keep my home clean!
I need a steady supply of fresh water in a sipper bottle.
I like rabbit pellets and fresh timothy hay. I also need dark green leafy and root vegetables every day. I can have small amounts of fruit as a treat.
I need out of my cage for exercise, but please keep a close eye on me so I stay safe!
I like to chew on stuff like untreated wicker baskets and wood blocks or cardboard boxes.
I need your parent/s to teach you how to hold me since I can get hurt easily. I must be lifted with my weight fully supported. Never hold me by the scruff of the neck or ears.
I need to be brushed daily and my nails must be trimmed every few weeks.
Take me to the animal doctor if I am showing these signs: not eating or drinking; change in droppings (bowel movements); bloated abdomen; runny nose; trouble breathing; tilted head; urinary problems; have lumps or bumps.