Everything you need to know about rats!

How long can I live?

I have a lifespan of two to four years if you take good care of me every day!

What size am I?

I am 23 to 25 centimetres long (not including my tail) and weigh about 210  to 450 grams.

What colour am I?

I come in different colours. I can be creamy silver, bright white and chocolate brown to black-hooded and blue-spotted.

What's my personality like??

I am friendly, smart and love to play. I also like to live with one of my kind. Please don't keep males and females together or they will have babies!

Rats love to play, so provide plenty of toys, such as old tissue boxes, paper rolls, tunnels, ropes and ladders or an exercise wheel for your new friend.

What do rats need to be healthy and happy?

I like a large cage with a solid bottom lined with shredded sheets of plain white paper or shavings. Keep me away from drafts and direct sunlight. I also need more space if I share my home with another rat. And keep my home clean!
I need a steady supply of fresh water in a sipper bottle.
I like pellets and blocks of rat food. I also need fresh fruit and vegetables. Nuts, seeds and cheese make great treats, but don’t give me too many because I can get fat easily!
An exercise wheel helps me to stay in tip-top shape. Please make sure the running surface is solid. That way I won’t hurt my feet or tail on rungs or spokes. I also love to play with toys like old tissue boxes, paper rolls, tunnels, ropes and ladders!
I like to be handled if we take things slowly. Pick me up by gently holding me in your hand. I also like to climb up your arm or perch on your shoulder!
It’s a good idea to find a veterinarian who knows about rats. Take me to the animal doctor if I am showing these signs: not eating or drinking; diarrhea; sniffling or sneezing; scratching; have lumps; trouble breathing; tired; tilted head; rough coat.