How to be a Dog Buddy

Kids and dogs are natural friends. It's a good thing to be a buddy to a dog — and it’s good to have a dog for a buddy! However it is important for you to know how to deal safely with dogs — including your own pets.

Did you know that most times dogs will bite because people don’t know how to act around them! If you try to remember these five steps, you should have no problem being a dog’s best friend.

How long can I live?

It’s easy to tell how our human friends are feeling by looking at their facial expressions; unfortunately this isn’t the case for most of our furry friends. Instead – check out their body language and tail! A happy dog will wag their tail quickly. The only time to pet a dog is when they’re happy. Do not approach a dog when they appear to be angry (growling) or scared (tail tucked under).

What size am I?

Before we pet a dog, it’s important to make sure that we are not seen as a threat. Dogs will protect what is important to them – their puppies, food, bones, toys, property, car and family. Before playing with any animal, make sure that it’s a good time for you to be around.

What colour am I?

The only good time to pet a dog is when their owner is around. By checking to make sure that the dog is friendly and good with kids – it is much less likely that you will be bitten by a dog.

What colour am I?

Before touching the dog, make sure you let him/her get to know you by giving your hand a quick sniff! Dogs like to use their sense of smell to find out a little more about new friends that they meet.

Pet the dog under the chin to start with, then on their back or behind the ears.

Some dogs do not like to have their paws, tail and head pet by strangers. Make sure that you are being gentle and always petting from front to back. If you’re lucky – they may roll over for a belly rub!

Did you know